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Technical Specs

Technical Specs

A Tool Eye is a normally closed switch. The easiest way to check your Tool Eye to make sure it’s functioning properly is to remove it from your machine, hook it up to an ohm meter, where it should read as a closed circuit. When you push each plunger the circuit will show open, when the plunger is released the circuit will go back to closed. Before sending your unit in for repair make sure there isn’t a machine wiring or control board issue.
Upon installation please calibrate your new Tool Eye. Your machine’s manual or a Google search will provide these instructions. We test our units upon completion of them being built then again when they are shipped to guarantee full functionality upon arrival. Proper installation and calibration with your machine is essential.

Touch Sensor Characteristics

Contact Normally closed Silver Plated
Repeatability 1 pm (.0004″) with speed of 6 mm/s
Contact rating 24 V DC + 25%; 2 amps min.
Overtravel 2 mm
Probing Force 1,47 + 0,25 N
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